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Bristol Studios is a full service audio production and recording studio with state of the art audio, computer and video editing equipment. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Bristol is known for its friendly staff, creativity and high quality, which have contributed to its continuous expansion in the industry.


Located in the heart of the Back Bay area of Boston, Bristol Studios is headed by a team of experienced audio professionals and musicians. We offer a wide range of services from original music composition and scoring to sound effects design. For recording studio, music production, duplication, graphic or web design call 617-247-8689 or email for rates and quotes.


Services include include audio recording, music composition & production, On-site recording and technical support, Voice-Over Talent Casting & Recording, Script & Copy Writing, Digital Editing and Mastering, Audio Noise Reduction, CD/Tape and Video Duplication, full graphic design and much more.


Some of our many clients include such companies and musicians as Universal Motown, Interscope,  Sony Music Group, Mercury Records, Fox Films, Cast members of Hamilton, Random House, The Drop Kick Murphys, Jada, New Kids On The Block, Ahmir, Filmline International, HBO, Dreamworks, A&E, Meatloaf, Motorola, Moviephone, United Airlines, YoYo Ma and many Boston area musicians and companies. Click here to schedule a tour.

Pop • RnB • Rock • Hip Hop Voiceover • Audiobooks Commercials • Films


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Michelle Hylan wins multiple awards for "Over the Rainbow" video.


Congratulations to Zac Graves on landing Official Selections

 in three different film festivals for his video and single of

"By Spring"

Check it out on YouTube:

Real Successes From Previous Workshops


"​I would give this a 10 out of 10. 10/10! I’ve learned so much, and now I feel confident to begin my singer/songwriter career..."


"I discovered how to get past writer’s block and how to be a more creative writer."


"I was able to break out of my unending writer’s block and make the music I want to..."


"I realized I struggled with finishing a song, and struggled with creating melodies. I’m still working on overcoming the barriers that keep me from finishing songs, but this has definitely helped. I learned tools and tips to help write better songs..."


"No need to worry, if you have no musical knowledge, you just go, you find that everyone can write a song."


"Creating melodies - that is my weakest area - this has helped!"


Bristol Recording & Voice Studios

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