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   An Artist Spotlight on
     Nick Elwell  

Nick Elwell was discovered at a karaoke bar when he was 10 years old. Well not exactly, but this was the first time Nick discovered that he was talented. From the first note of the song "I want you back" by The Jackson Five, Nick knew he had talent. “The reaction from the audience when I started to sing was something I will never forget. After that, I knew my voice was something special.”

Born and raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Nick Elwell is now 19 years old and a rising pop star. Nick brings a refreshing boy band and R&B feel to his performances. His song renditions of the Backstreet Boys sound as if he could have been an original member of the group. From the Backstreet Boys to Michael Jackson, Nick is finding a way to infuse classic pop music with some new age soul.

Wherever he is, his performances still have the same effect on the audience as they did when he was 10 years old in that small karaoke bar. “I feed off of the crowd’s energy. It gives me the confidence and the strength I need to put on a great performance.”  Performing is what gives Nick the confidence to excel in this industry, the firm trust in his own ability is clear when you watch him on stage. He may want to thank one of his favorite bands KISS, for teaching him the art of performance.

"Bristol has helped me develop into the artist I want to become one day and with their help I am starting to realize my dream."

Nick's dream is to one day become a professional performer.

Nick Elwell is currently working on new music at Bristol Studios. His song "Come Back" is expected to be released on ITunes this summer.