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   Frank "Paco" Stewart  


Boston's favorite grandfather, Frank "Paco" Stewart is back with his fifth studio album entitled "For Always." Frank Stewart, known to family, friends and fans simply as "Paco" has been working with Bristol Studios for just over four years. After thirty seven years as CEO/Chairman of the Board of Northland Residential Corporation, a highly successful New England "green building" residential community development firm, he retired to finally pursue his heart's desire as a singer, songwriter and overall entertainer. His name "Paco" stems from his two year stint in the US Navy in Spain, where "Paco" is a short Spanish form of Frank.

The seeds for his love of singing were originally planted by his mother Priscilla, who graduated from Boston's Longy School as a classical pianist and cellist. She played the old
New England summer hotel circuit and later was organist, choir director and "local musical stock" show-producer, where Frank's entire family including little Frankie was involved. Like many professional singers his musical roots were formed singing first in church.

In addition to his studies at Bristol he auditioned and was signed at John Robert Powers Talent Agency. He has already acted in a History Channel documentary and appeared in TV, print and radio commercials. He has recently signed with MMG Talents Agency in New York City and he also is currently under contract with AirPlayDirect and Collective Evoultion in Nashville, TN. His "Oldies" album was released over global radio this past February over AirPlayDirect and went all the way to #1 on the APD Rock Charts, even past Paul McCartney's "Wings" album.

He just spent a week in Nashville with AirPlayDirect undertaking extensive photo shoots for his upcoming meeting with executives in the music industry, and having a blast meeting and kibitzing with APD's stable of Emmy winning Nashville-based entertainers such as multi-Emmy winner Carl Jackson who routinely performs for Dolly Parton.

At Bristol Studios, Frank feels blessed to have worked with Ric Poulin, Patrice Peris, Brent Barlow, Lauren O'Keefe, April Forrest and many others who guided him in artist development, voice, dance and performance, and to have formed a wonderful professional "partnership" with lead engineer Chris Billias with whom he wrote a handful of original songs and produced four major CD albums thus far.

  Frank's newest album "For Always" released in early July, features songs all about the many aspects of love and he was delighted to add for the first time two duets each with Lauren O'Keefe and Michelle Hylan. "Paco" has started to work on his 6th album which will primarily be dedicated to his original songs and special collaborations.

At age 68, Frank wakes up excited every morning about the day's possibilities. Having no idea where the road will eventually take him, and having no expectations of fame nor fortune, his sole purpose is to have fun, and stay young in heart and soul.

"If I can touch folks and in the process allow them to better appreciate life's many blessings, then I have succeeded and in the process helped fulfill my own dreams."
-Frank "Paco" Stewart