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A Spotlight on Katie Davies

            With a vivacious spirit and powerful voice, Katie Davies is putting her mark on the music industry.  Breaking out of a small town in Massachusetts, called Norfolk, Katie now splits her time between Boston and Los Angeles while teaching for Bristol Studios.  Katie realized her insatiable love for music and performance at the tender age of three when she was dared to sing on stage by her sisters. “I got up and did it...when I heard the applause I was hooked...”
            Katie started as a student at Bristol Studios seven years ago, working with both vocal coach Lauren O’Keefe and Vocal Coach/Studio Owner/Senior Producer Ric Poulin.  Inspired by the upbeat pop/dance hits of Michael Jackson and the soulful emotions brought out in song by Mariah Carey, Katie trained every day to perfect her vocal ability and performance skills.  “I’ve always known there was nothing else I really loved more than music.  It has the ability to console you, encourage you, or cry with you.”  Katie wrote her first song in the third grade which propelled her to pursue music as a professional career, becoming an entertaining, soulful and candid performer.  Since then, Katie has performed at places such as Disney World, The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, Felt Nightclub, The Place, and Club Royale.
            Most recently Katie has worked with Producer RIO on her newest holiday single “Angels We Have Heard” which is now available on iTunes.  Being one of Katie’s favorite Christmas hymns, she and RIO decided to put a modern twist on the song accelerating it into a high energy club track.
            Katie doesn’t just stop at singing though.  She is also a talented actress and was recently featured on the Investigation Discovery Channel’s show “Final Cut”.  A heartfelt songwriter, Katie draws on her own experiences for inspiration. “Any time I write a song, it’s actually something that’s happened to me or how I am feeling at the time.  My songs are like a musical diary.” 
            Katie was featured on the nightly news magazine television series “Chronicle” as an artist to watch and her songs have been played on the NECN morning show and by local KISS 108 DJ Dom Armano in his live sets.  Katie aspires to collaborate with Ryan Tedder from the pop/rock group OneRepublic and have her songs remixed by DJ’s such as Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Bassnectar.
            “Bristol is an amazing launching pad.  It helps you perfect your voice, your performance skills and really gives you the confidence through ability to do whatever you feel like you need to do in this industry.” 

Katie Davies

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