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A Spotlight on Niki Cremmen

            Stumbling down the road to Bristol Studios by chance, Niki Cremmen never thought that she would be this involved in the world of music.  A sports fanatic and captain of her Milton High School’s women’s soccer team, Niki was beyond positive that she would be going to college on a soccer scholarship.  All that changed and a new path was paved when she broke her collarbone and was unable to participate in sports for the season. 

            Not being one to rest on her laurels, Niki was on the hunt to find something else to occupy her time.  She had always loved music and enjoyed singing so when she was told about a singer search hosted by Model Club Inc. and Bristol Studios she figured she would give it a chance.  She came out on top and won the opportunity to record and produce a song at Bristol Recording and Voice Studios.  This opportunity is what made her come to the realization that she wanted to pursue music at a professional level.  She began taking lessons at Bristol Studios with vocal coach Chantal Ambroise last October and has been drawing on the soulful and emotional inspiration brought to her by Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys to craft her voice.  

            Most recently, Niki worked with producer RIO on her rendition of the classic Christmas song “Away in a Manger” which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.  Working side by side, they taught an old dog a new trick, and gave the track a high-energy club feel. “I liked that there was a lot of room for change and I knew it was something that I could work with” Niki said when asked why she chose the song.  Chantal helped to prepare Niki’s voice for the recording of the song while RIO forced her out of her shell and brought out the emotions behind the song.  Niki’s newest tack, yet another highly anticipated high-energy club single, is in the final stages of production and will be released in early 2013.  Niki aspires to work with the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent and Beyonce. 

            Niki Cremmen is a free spirited soul when it comes to her music and she has been presented with one opportunity after another.  Besides winning the singer search competition at Bristol Studios, Niki also showcased her voice on a grander scale.  She was flown to Los Angeles for the final auditions of the hit NBC television show “The Voice”.  While there, she was included in the top 180 finalists chosen out out of 66,000 hopefuls who auditioned.  “I am going to work hard and take as many opportunities as possible.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so I am just going to see what happens”.  Niki has performed at various events and venues throughout New England and has performed her stunning rendition of the National Anthem at countless sporting events including the opening ceremonies of the New England lacrosse team, The Boston Cannons. 

            Although she has put in countless hours working on her craft through vocal coaching and performance workshops, Niki attributes all of her success as a vocalist to working with Bristol Studios.  “Bristol has provided me with every musical opportunity I have had. They brought me to New York to audition for The Voice which was a gigantic opportunity. Through the performance workshop overcame my stage fright and learned how to truly be an entertainer. Bristol has made me the artist I am today and changed my life immensely.”

            “I recommend Bristol to anyone who aspires to sing. Their voice program can make anyone a good singer. They have the ability to make you a complete package as a performer with the voice, the look, and the attitude. They also provide opportunities to perform which is a very important part of being a singer.”

Niki Cremmen

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