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Shauna Swansburg

When a knee injury forced 16-year-old Shauna Swansburg to set aside her love of sports, she refused to sit around and mope about it. Instead, she took a chance and tried singing. It was love at first note. Since that fateful turn of events last summer, Swansburg has transformed from a successful high school athlete to the pop/country artist to watch this year.
Swansburg’s sweet country tone shines in her standout original, titled Fairytale. Her voice is distinct and mature, evoking comparisons to Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Martina McBride, artists Swansburg has also said inspire her. Similar to her influences, Swansburg is interested in songwriting as well as singing. When it comes to composing, Swansburg says her material comes both from her own experiences and relationships she watches her friends go through. “I want to write stories and capture emotion in my songs, just like all good country songs do,” she says of her writing.
In her burgeoning career, Swansburg has already achieved some incredible things. Last winter, she released a Christmas song titled American Christmas, which generated a huge response, making it her proudest moment as an artist thus far.  She’s also delivered some knockout performances. “Performing for me is the best feeling in the world” she says, “I love being on the stage and out in front of people.”
Judging from what she’s put out so far, it’s clear that Swansburg has a promising career ahead of her. Currently, she’s working on her first full-length album, under the guidance of Bristol Studios’ producer Ric Poulin and vocal coach Lauren O’Keefe. Looking forward to the future, Swansburg has a clear vision of the artist she wants to be. “I want to write songs that are relatable for people, to perform in front of millions of people, and hopefully one day my make music that can inspire people the way I am inspired,” she says of her goals.
Not many people have the type of can-do attitude to be able to turn a potentially devastating knee injury into an opportunity to forge a new path towards a music career. But Swansburg is not your average high school student. “Music was not something I ever saw myself pursuing” she says, musing on the turn of events that brought her here, “now I can’t think of anything I’d love to do more in my life.”

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