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This is a partial listing of the many artist spotlights, video releases and events sponsored by
 Bristol Recording & Voice Studios over the last few years.

Artist Spotlights
April Forrest Vilma De Vellis "Someone Like You" 2012
Bristol Studios 2013 Holiday Showcase Gallery

Elle Wine Bristol Studios Bootcamp Season 1 & 2 2013
Feast of St Agrippina Aug  8, 2013

Lauren O'Keefe Bristol Studios on "Chronicle"
A Cappella Armageddon November 2013

Whitney Doucet Vilma De Vellis "Titanium"
A Cappella Armageddon Beatbox Competition 2013

Niki Cremmen
Vilma De Vellis "Backfire"
Bristol Studios Holiday at Downtown Crossing 2013

Patrice Peris Jada "This Party's On Fire"
Bristol Entertainment Singers Showcase 2011 Pt 1

Juliette Carey Leslie Ward Video "The Way It Goes"
Bristol Entertainment Singers Showcase 2011 Pt 2

April Renzella
Bristol Entertainment Holiday Videos
A Cappella Armageddon 2011

Cassidy Look Michelle Hylan Holiday Release
A Cappella Armageddon Final Winners 2011

Matt Johnson Lauren Paige Holiday Video
A Cappella Armageddon 2011 Gallery

Gina Marsh Shauna Swansburg Holiday Release
A Cappella Armageddon 2012 Winners DooWopShop

Erin Ollis Frank Paco Stewart Holiday Video 2012
Metrowest Students Perform at Strides Against Breast Cancer

Shannon Grant Lauren O'Keefe Holiday Release 2012
Black Valentines Open Mic 2012

Jon Henshaw Jada "American Cowboy"

Frank Stewart 2012 CD Release

Audrey Taylor Jada "Who's Lovin' You" Live
Bristol Studios/Fenway Alliance Open House 2012

Katie Davies April Renzella 2012 Holiday Video
Singers Showcase Downtown Crossing July 31, 2012

Patricia Burke Jessie Chris Holiday Video 2012
Erin Ollis at The Sterling Fair

Molly Wilson Elle Wine 2012 Holiday Video
Bristol Studios Rock The Mic

Lauren Paige Cassidy Look Video Shoot
High School A Cappella Armageddon 2013

Marissa Licata Niki Cremmen Holiday Video
Singers Showcase Downtown Crossing Aug 14, 2012

Frank "Paco" Stewart

Bristol/Fenway Arts Alliance Open House 2008

Michelle Hylan

Bristol Artists Live at Best Buy 2011

Malaika Coleman

Worcester Peace Festival 2012

Regine Louis

Singers Showcase Downtown Crossing Aug 7, 2012

Shauna Swansburg

Feast of St Agrippina Aug 5, 2012

Summer Scott

Performance Workshop Summer 2012

Nick Elwell

Remembering James Project 2012

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Melissa Jane Nightlife Awards 2011

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