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A Spotlight on
Audrey Taylor


Fourteen year old Audrey Taylor traveled 1,914 miles in the hopes of getting one step closer to her dreams.  Leaving her seven siblings at home in her family’s small town of Brenham, Texas she traveled to Boston and landed at Bristol Recording and Voice Studios where she stayed for an intensive weekend long musical boot camp.    

“I have wanted to pursue music for quite a while now. The moment I realized that I was sure, was when I went to Georgia with the Brenham Children’s Chorus. We went to the Springer Opera House to take a drama class with acting students who had been there all summer, fine tuning their craft.   At the end of that morning’s acting class, our choir performed for the students and instructors. I felt the joy after each song when the crowd went wild and it was really fun too! I just remember that after the performance I texted my mom saying that this experience made me realize that I am meant to perform!”

Audrey has been in the Brenham Children’s Chorus and Brenham Broadway Kid’s for 5 years now.  She has performed in the concert version of “Carmen” at the Rudder Theater Auditorium at Texas A&M, at the Festival Hill Institute in Round Top, TX with the Brenham Children’s Chorus, and with Unity Theater in the production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”.

Attending a small private Christian school, Brenham Christian Academy, with only around 125 students has had an impact on Audrey’s musical influence and styling.

“I remember the first time I ever sang by myself was at my church school in Houston, TX when I was 4 or 5 years old.  It was my class’s turn to sing “Father I Adore You” and I was the only kid who showed up. My teacher asked me if I still wanted to sing it, and so I sat on a stool by myself and sang into the microphone with all my might.”

This fearless attitude has been instrumental in carrying her through the journey of achieving her goals within the industry.  After her intensive boot camp she wasn’t about to slow down the momentum she had gained during her time at Bristol Studios and so she began taking lessons via Skype with Bristol vocal coach Ilana Offenberger.

“I was kind of nervous to go to Bristol Studios but as soon as I walked into the building I felt very welcomed. During the boot camp I took voice lessons, an acting class, performance training classes, had a photo-shoot, recorded my first single titled “Ready or Not”, AND made a music video for it.  I never would have thought that I would be able to accomplish as many things as I did in just 3 days!  All of this was literally a dream come true.  Everyone was very kind and encouraging!  The experience that I had has only fueled my interest in a music career. Coming to Bristol all the way from Texas was well worth it.”

Audrey holds a strong Christian background and says that her “aspirations as a singer are to use the talents that God gave (her) and to remember to always give glory to Him.”  When people hear her name and music she wants to be known as someone that they can look up to;  a strong, faithful, Christian role model. She is striving to perform at Madison Square Garden, be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and perform in musicals on Broadway.

Her first and most recent recording was a cover of “Ready or Not” by Disney Channel’s Bridgit Mendler.

“The reason I chose “Ready or Not”, is because it’s fun and catchy.  Like the girl in the song, I can also be very shy at times. “Ready or Not” is about stepping out of your comfort zone and just being yourself. Recording this song made me feel like I was that girl, stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s the kind of song that makes me feel like I can be myself and have fun with music.   I think it also shows the spunky side of my personality.”  

Audrey worked with Elle Wine and April Forrest on this track, both vocal coaches at Bristol Studios and members of Universal-Motown group JADA.  They worked with Audrey helping her put an “Audrey Taylor” twist to the pop hit.  Senior Producer Chris Billias produced the track.

Audrey also draws from various musical influences, many of which came from her mother’s own musical taste due to the strong bond that they share.  Audrey’s influences include people like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, SAVVY, Britt Nicole, and Carrie Underwood.

“Justin Bieber is one of my biggest influences. Even though he had to struggle, he kept working hard to achieve his career. SAVVY is a very unique group and they all have fun together from what I can see. They are very hardworking and dedicated to their music and they all have so much talent.  I love how they never give up when things aren’t going so well, but instead, looked at the positive side of everything. I strive to be more like them and to always be positive. I admire Carrie Underwood ability to succeed as a country artist still sing Christian music.  Britt Nicole has an amazing voice and she sings for God. Every one of her songs has a purpose and shares a godly message.”

Audrey is a kind, and caring artist who is dedicated to her craft and the message she projects.  Audrey’s family has adopted children from another country and through the adoption process she says she has learned that “you have to help those in need and show love towards others”. In the future, she would like to donate money towards children and families who need financial assistance for medical treatments, in particular the cleft palate foundation (Smile Train) so that people with this medical condition can show their real smile.  She holds a strong belief that even sharing just a little smile will give someone a better day.  

Audrey aspires to perform with other artists such as  Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. She would also like to establish strong connections with the Disney Channel.  

“I am just getting started with Bristol and so far it has been the time of my life. I really enjoy working with everyone there because they’re all positive and upbeat.  I’ve learned how to make songs more exciting with different tones and now I fully understand the difference between different voices after learning the Bristol Method.”

“I would recommend Bristol Studios to other artists because the instructors there are really talented and know how to work with your voice without damaging it.  Everyone at Bristol is very kind and encouraging to all of the clients.  I always have fun during my lessons and I really believe that others will too.  I am very excited for my future in the music industry.”

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Audrey Taylor "Ready or Not"