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A Cappella Armageddon Champions

UMass Amherst Doo Wop Shop

A Cappella Armageddon grand champions, UMass Amherst Doo Wop Shop, harmonized their way into studio C to use their 25 hours of studio time winnings. We took some time to sit down with the all-male aca-winners to get some insight into their group and what gets them groovin'.

Sharing a little history, they told us the tale of the group's beginning: One of the Doo Wop Shop founders wanted to woo a girl. In order to do so, he and some other fellas set out to serenade the lovely lady by singing doo-wop style songs. Whether the intention was to begin an actual group or not, we may never know! But this UMass Amherst organization is now well established both in the hearts of the ladies and the ears of the fans.

The humble group of guys remain surprised at their successes, including their Disney Medley Youtube video that went viral. The video, posted in 2010, racked up over three million views quite quickly. The eight members of the group say they feel lucky to have come together as they did and embrace their differences in music genre and style. The young men are all about "good music" and so, whether they're impressing us with the doo-wop song "My Girl" or the smooth R&B tune "End of the Road", it remains clear that the Doo Wop Shop is not missing a beat.

With on-campus concerts and other event performances to boot, the guys rehearsed multiple times a week under the direction of Music Director Jake Brownell. Competitions also on board, the Doo Wop Shop guys put in the hard work to insure a win at A Capella Armageddon. Using the awarded 25 hours of studio time, they were having a blast recording their new album. Said to feature each member's style and song in the eight recorded tracks, this is definitely a release to look out for!

For this group of guys from UMass Amherst that "just fit together" their musical future looks bright and strong. Ready to give their fans a new album and the graduating members a "great send-off", the Doo Wop Shop is an aca-group to remember!

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