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jon henshaw

Jon Henshaw
, audio engineering assistant and aspiring music producer at Bristol Recording Studios, sat down to chat about his experience training in the Bristol Studios Engineering and Production Courses; his background in music, as well as what he's learned while on the The Bristol Internship. Here’s what he had to say...

Bristol Studios: Tell us a little bit about your background in music.

Jon: Since I was 12, I’ve been a classically trained singer and I sang with the chorus at my high school. I went to The University of Vermont where I studied English and Philosophy. And while I was studying there, I sang with the UVM Top Cats, the all-male a cappella group. I spearheaded the group’s first recording project in over five years! Recording that album and watching the progression from the rough tracking to the finished product was really inspiring for me.

Bristol Studios: How did you hear about Bristol Studios?

Jon: I was interested in taking a position at a recording studio, so I did some research online about all the studios in the Boston area. Bristol’s courses and internship seemed like the most accessible and straightforward path to the career that I wanted.

Bristol Studios: What were the courses at Bristol Studios like?

Jon: I took the 5-week accelerated program, and  it was great to be able to finally get a solid foundation. I was finally able to piece together all the small bits of knowledge I already had. There’s a real architecture in the way Chris Billias (Senior Producer) and Dan Steinbrink (Engineer) introduce you to the different concepts and procedures common in the audio engineering world.

Bristol Studios: How has your experience with the internship been so far?

Jon: It’s been really rewarding. I come in everyday and work as hard as I can and I try to cross something off on my the checklist everyday (The checklist acts as a guide throughout the internship). The more I’m able to complete the better I feel about myself and my future. The mentors here are very motivating.

Bristol Studios: What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

Jon: For me, it’s been trying to manage my schedule. There’s so much to do and I volunteer for so much that sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in.

Bristol Studios: Tell me about one of your favorite sessions that you worked on.

Jon: A few weeks ago we were recording a full band for country artist Matt Johnson who flew in from Dallas. We had a drummer and a bassist while Matt was singing and playing guitar and the session was really great and really long! We started at 4pm and went straight through to about midnight. But we got it done and it was a satisfying day of work. When I went home that night, getting some rest was the best reward. That project earned him a spot on the Jason Aldean tour.

Bristol Studios: Would you recommend Bristol Studio’s program to other aspiring engineers?

Jon: I’ve gained a wealth of hands-on experience through this program. Bristol’s program is fast, accessible, and really tests your mettle and determination.

Bristol Studios: What are your plans for the future?

Jon: I would love to be an engineer at a recording studio in the Boston area working with local artists. Another goal of mine is to work in the soundtracking business for film or video games.

Engineering courses are starting soon, for more info call: 617-247-8689!

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