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Spotlight on Patricia Burke


It was a little over a year ago when Christian-Pop artist Patricia Burke walked into Bristol Studios-Metrowest and met her future voice coach, Patrice Peris.  Patricia began singing as a background vocalist for her worship team at church.  She was driven to improve her voice after hearing the first CD that her worship team had recorded.  As the team listened to the tracks they celebrated their “good” and “okay” portions of the songs, but Patricia could hear when they were noticeably off.  Patricia didn’t want to settle for “good” and “okay”. She wanted to be exceptional. 

      Patricia placed herself in the hands of Patrice Peris at Bristol Studios and set off to achieve her musical goals.  “I immediately fell in love with the teaching style and I feel as though I am constantly able to reach new goals that I set for myself, as well as ones that Patrice sets with me.” 

    Patricia came to Bristol Studios stating that her biggest barrier was her confidence.  She told Patrice about how she was afraid of solos and parts in songs where her voice was more prevalent in her group and often times her voice would sound shaky because of it.  Patrice worked with her on different aspects of vocal coaching and performance and now Patricia can strongly say that she can hit the stage with confidence and know that she can hit those notes and sound great doing it.  Patricia's Pastor and Worship Leader both noticed the extreme improvement and expressed how proud they were of her hard work, dedication and results.  When asked about her accomplishments and improvements as a vocalist, Patricia responded by saying that “my abilities have expanded well beyond where I thought they would ever be.”

    When speaking about her vocal coach, Patrice Peris, Patricia said that she loved the enthusiasm that Patrice brought to each lesson.  “It’s great to see that she genuinely loves what she does and also loves to pass on her knowledge and skills to her students. When I accomplish a goal, I know she is just as excited as I am, and I think that it is fantastic to have that positive reinforcement.”

    Since starting the program Patricia has performed at open mic nights and has also gained the privilege of singing solos at many of her church's larger services.  In the near future she hopes to begin work on a CD with Bristol Studios and advance her career in the music industry.

 “I would absolutely recommend lessons to anyone who is interested. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.  To see where I started and see how far I’ve come with this program, it really blows me away.”

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