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Music Production Courses

Propellerhead Reason

Learn to use all of the instruments, effects, sequencing and more for composing, beatmaking, loop-mangling, vocal treatment, songwriting and music production. Including Kong Drum Designer, Upgraded Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player, Block Sequencing and Live Sampling. Make your songs self-contained by embedding samples and even ReFill sounds in your file. Mastering Reason's self-contained song format makes collaborating with your friends a breeze. Even breezier than before actually. Reason lets you use multiple MIDI keyboards, pads, and controllers for playing and recording your instruments. It is simply one of the best production tools for making the hottest music today.

Production I

For those fluent in sound engineering concepts and techniques. Learn how to start and finish songs, tools of production, rules of production, composition, arrangement and some music theory.


Production II

Learn Advanced production techniques used by popular producers of today and yesterday. Also learn the modules of production. In addition both Production I and II cover essentials and advanced conepts of Reason, Logic X and Digital performer as applied to music production.


Digital Performer

Quickly becoming one of the most widely used hard disk recording sustems! Learn how to set up a DP system, how to use MIDI in DP, Plugins, recording, mixing, mastering and production using Digital Performer by MOTU.



Our Courses get results! Nearly 100% of our graduate interns end up working in the industry! many interns get hired before they have a chance to complete our internship! The engineering internship standards are high and by demanding excellence both technically, administratively and as a team member you'll be transformed into a valuable prospective employee for any recording studio in the world! Contact Jason at 617-247-8689 to register for courses or for more information about courses or our internship program.





    "The Audio Engineering I Course was very informative and engaging. Everything was explained in a very clear manner, usually accompanied by demonstration. My instructor was excellent. If anything was unclear he would make sure everyone understood. The subject matter was what I expected to cover, but the course was far more thorough than I would have imagined. I was very satisfied with the course and instructor." -J.H.


    "I had worked with ProTools before but always had difficulty dealing with aux sends and bussing. MIDI was also difficult for me to do. All of these problems were addressed in class and I feel very confident in my ability to do these things now. My instructor was extremely helpful, and forthcoming about the functionality and pros & cons of the software. The hands on approach allowed me to spend a great deal of time with the program." -C.S.


   "Having no experience in Reason, I was very pleased with this course. My instructor covered all the instruments and effects thoroughly, and gave us plenty of time to experiment. The hands-on approach was perfect and allowed me to work out concepts i was confused about. My instructor was always helpful and attentive, answering questions, and clarifying anything i was struggling with." -O.K.


   "It was fun/educational to do a group song, learn to work with others, and pick up on their little habits you might not learn otherwise. Reason is so huge and has so many possibilities that it’s impossible to get to them all, but even with my familiarity with Reason a lot of things clicked into place for me." -C.J.


  "I enjoyed the hands on approach to these courses. The projects were all very different, and provided a great introduction to hardware and software components of engineering. The single homework assignment was enormously helpful and my instructor did a terrific job going over them. I understand the purpose of hardware pieces I never “got” before. My understanding of compression and MIDI has also improved." -C.P."I felt the recording course I took at Bristol recording Studios was by far one of the best production courses I have ever taken. The teacher made a complex subject easy and explained things in a way that I could understand. I got exactly what I wanted out of the course and more. I had taken similar classes at [a very prestigious music college in Boston], and I would recommend the Bristol course over the intro to production class I took at [the other learning institution]. After taking the course at Bristol, I am now capable of walking into a studio and making a recording using the required equipment." -MK


"The staff at Bristol has given me that dream and opportunity to succeed in the music business. With their training I have boosted my ability as a musician and now as an engineer and producer." -BG


"The Bristol Engineering Course I that I attended on a weekly basis was amazing. When I first started, I didn't believe I could learn so many things in just a 10 week period. My instructor was very clear and precise about every single subject we covered. I would recommend this course to anyone that loves music and wants to know what goes behind it." -A.B.




COURSE SCHEDULE: There are two scheduling options for the classes. We have the classes start as often as possible. Once 4 students are registered for a course it is scheduled and started. Since the class sizes are small (a limit of 6 people) we're able to be quite flexible with the scheduling, as far as which days and what times.


Standard schedule: These classes are once a week for 2 hours, usually in the evening (6-8 or 7-9), but have had them in the morning before when it was appropriate for the class. Each course is 10 weeks long, so to get through all 6 courses takes about a year.



Weekend accelerated:  This program meets every Saturday and Sunday for 5 hours/day, you get through a course in 2 weekends, or about 12 weeks for all 6 courses.



REGISTRATION: To Register, full course payment is required.  Call 617-247-8689 for more details.


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