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Regine Louis

With danceable beats and shimmering hooks, one could almost be fooled into thinking Regine Louis’s songs are about happy things. But upon closer listening, each lyric bites with palpable heartbreak. In her songs, Louis recounts true stories from her personal life. The heartbreak is all there. All real. And so is Louis, who also goes by the artist name, Self Made GADD, (Georgette American DivineDeity).

Louis, who moved from Haiti when she was fifteen, says she has dreamed of making it in music her whole life. She got her start in music singing in the church choir and taking piano lessons. As she grew up, Louis continued to sing every chance she got.

While she was working as afterschool teacher at a private daycare in Boston, Louis started writing song lyrics. She put in long hours at the daycare, but found time on the weekends to write lyrics and stories. She wrote about painful childhood memories, the pressures of her current life situation, and, of course, the heartbreak that is so present in her songs.

Since beginning at Bristol Studios in 2009, Louis has had the chance to develop as and artist and to transform her lyrics in to songs. Her teachers include Chris Billias for recording, Lauren O’Keefe for voice and Ric for performance. Louis says that recording her original songs at Bristol has been the proudest moment in her musical career.

Louis has big dreams for the future. She hopes to attract comparisons to her biggest entertainment idols, including Beyonce, J-LO, Mary J Blige, Rihanna, and Yolanda Adams. Given what she’s shown the world so far, there is no doubt she can achieve her dreams and more.

Check out some of Regine Louis’s originals on YouTube!

Without You_0001

Take Another Chance

I Remember