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  An Artist Spotlight on
Summer Scott


Summer Scott's voice is years beyond her age. The distinguished, powerful tone that carries sound waves of an old soul is the voice of Summer Scott, and she is only 12 years old.

"You can't be shy in this industry." Summer is never lacking confidence in her performance abilities. From spur of the moment public performances, to singing the national anthem at professional sporting events, Summer's modest confidence is a quality that helps her to always stand out.

"My support system is my family. I have a huge family, including my twin brother and they are all the best." Summer's family puts up with her non-stop performances around the house. Her mother jokes that she is "never not singing."
Innocently humming even when she is solving math equations, her school teacher once had to remind her, "Summer you have a beautiful voice but we are trying to learn the perpendicular bisector." In between working hard at school and her dedication to singing, Summer still finds time to swim competitively. At her swimming meets, she has been known to sing our national anthem in her bathing suit right before her race.

Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Iggy Azalea and Lea Michelle are just a few of Summer's favorite artists. "Working with Bristol Studios has helped me see the artist I want to become and they have been showing me how to get there." What type of music does Summer want to create? It wouldn't be fair to label her with a specific genre of music. She compares her taste in music to her relationship with food, "I will eat anything and I will sing anything."

Her versatility at such a young age is contributing to her success in this competitive industry. "A painter doesn't just use one color in a painting, you need different shades."

Summer Scott is currently working on a new project including six songs, three of which are originals. Check her out when she sings God Bless America on August 8th for the Wachusett Dirt Dawgs at Doyle Field (160 Priest Street, Leominster,MA).