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ABOUT A Cappella Armageddon:

An exciting competition for collegiate A Cappella Groups Presented by Bristol Recording Studios


Bristol Recording Studios, New England's premier recording studio, with 25 years experience working with A Cappella groups, presents A Cappella Armageddon, New England's newest A Cappella competition! The 3rd annual A Cappella Armageddon incorporates the best of LIVE A Cappella performances and the thrill of cutthroat competition to reward one group with national recognition and some amazing prizes! See last year's competition here...



For years Bristol Recording Studios has helped set a standard for excellence in A Cappella Recording in Boston. Our engineers have the  tracking, editing and mixing experience to bring to fruition the vision of any group format whether it be an organic  "live" sound or polished radio ready vocal production.



Bristol Studios is an Audio Recording/Production Studio and Artist Development/Management Company located in the Back Bay in Boston. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Bristol has a history of helping artists acquire the skills and tools necessary to achieve their goals in the music industry. Bristol Studios is headed by a team of experienced music industry professionals and offers a wide range of services and training programs in all areas of vocal training, artist development, recording and music career development, music recording and production, composition, mixing, mastering, duplication, engineering/production courses and more.



College Groups


Potsdam Pointercounts

BC Dynamics

Brown Higher Keys

MIT Chorallaries

BC Acoustics

WC Wheatones

Mizmor Shir

BU Dear Abbeys

Brandeis VoiceMale

Simmons College Sirens

Brown UniversityHarmonic Motion

BU Treblemakers

BU Aural Fixation

The Harvard Callbacks

The Harvard Krokodiloes

The Williams Octet

The Dartmouth Aires

The MIT Logarythms

Brandeis Manginah

Dartmouth Decibelles

Dartmouth Dodecaphonics


RPI Rensselyrics

Providence Special Guest

BC Heightsmen

Fools on the Hill

Brandeis Spur of the Moment

Mt. Holyoke Victory-8's

MIT Muses

Brandeis Company B

Brandeis Starving Artists

BU Kol Echad

Maimonides HS Kol Isha

Dartmouth Final Cut

U-Mass Vocal Suspect

Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones

The Washington U Amateurs

MIT Resonance

MIT/Wellesley Toons

Amherst U Zumbyes

Clark U Counterpoints

Yale Out of the Blue


Pro groups

Ball In The House

Talk to the Hand


Fermata Town

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