Performance Training

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• Be confident and comfortable on stage


• Overcome stage fright and handle nervousness


• Pack excitement and emotion into your performance


• Achieve star presence and charisma

Go from 0-60 with new performance skills and a high level of stage comfort in a matter of hours by attending The Performance Workshop!

• Feel natural talking to audiences


• Master gestures and physical movement


• Learn how to pack your performance with emotion and excitement


• Practice stage manners-the "do's and don'ts" of the stage.

This is a VERY "hands-on" bootcamp, packed with exercises and drills which will enable you to achieve the performance skills of today's top artists! A special, incredibly effective bootcamp presented by Bristol Studios' veteran producers, educators and performers.


 NAIL THAT NEXT AUDITION!  If you're serious about succeeding as a performer then this workshop is a MUST for you!



    I benefited from this workshop very much! I enjoyed coming to this workshop. It was a great experience. What I learned the most was how to use the space of the stage and make great eye contact and connect with the audience: just to get into it more because it is ok.



    The Performance Workshop helped me so much, learning how to do more moves and motions onstage instead of just repeating myself. Also, I felt more comfortable in front of people I know! Everyone did unbelievable!



    I learned a lot from this class. I learned to move on stage and not be a still statue and really have fun performing. I learned to just over do it and have fun entertaining the audience. It was a lot of fun working with all these talented people.



    I got so much from this performance workshop, I learned how to feel more comfortable on stage. I also learned how to confront an audience.



    Well to start my nerves have gone down a lot. I feel I learned to use the stage to the best of my ability. I also learned the importance of gestures and how to make turn big for a much needed effect. I really have learned so much and I thank my instructor at Bristol Studios.  This class is amazing and can’t be put into words! Thank you, Thank you! Thank you!



    I want to thank you. I feel I’m on my way in a direction that I’ve pushed for for some time. Let’s do it again.



     My second time around!!! I’ve benefited from watching all the talented performers do their thing. This workshop gave me the opportunity to become comfortable with my craft in front of an audience and it did. This is an awesome opportunity for upcoming artists to have their talent and get great feedback from peers. This time around I feel that I’ve become comfortable with my self performing in front of others.

Thank you Bristol!



    When I started out I couldn’t even look Tara in the face. By the end of the workshop I was dancing around on stage in front of a full house! I’m so glad I took this workshop. I plan on taking the skills I leaned with me to the “ Real World”



     Performance workshop I has taught me a lot of things. One of when I learned there are siz squares in the stage (well the Bristol Studios one) lol... umm but basically you can’t step in between the squares, it has to be in them. The performance workshop has also taught me how to move on stage, hold the mic and how dress uo for a performance depending on what song you need to sing. All I gotta say is thanks!



    I have overcome fear and I have done more arm gestures! Thank you! I started in the gutter....thank you.



    When I first started I was stiff as a board. After lessons with Perry I am more than a conqueror.



     I learned valuable lessons for both performing and life. Music is about communication and in order to succeed as a performer and in life one needs to be able to communicate. I learned so many different ways to get the song across and connect with the audience. I am grateful to Perry and Bristol studios helping me as a performer and person.



     I learned a lot. I learned stage presence and how to own the stage. I am a beginner and feel more confidence I have completed the performance workshop 1. Bring on performance workshop 2.



    I feel more confident on stage. I learned how to maneuver around on stage. Also to connect with the audience with my eyes. I have and appreciate what Bristol Studios has taught me. It has and will help me in the future.

Thank you



    This class was amazing. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to sing yet has stage fright or anyone who just wants more confidence. I gained more confidence in myself and I feel I can now be successful in this business.





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